About Haven Travel

We are Haven Travel

Welcome to Haven Travel where we specialize creating wellness travel experiences that will leave you refreshed and open to living life to the fullest.

Life keeps us on the go, and we rarely spend time on ourselves. When we take a vacation, most times, we attend popular attractions. Long lines, disappointment, and frustration can turn a lifetime memory into stressful situations leaving us worn out mentally and physically by the time we return to daily life.

Haven Travel can change that. More than a travel agency, we specialize in Wellness Travel.

Wellness Travel is travel is travel with the intent to reconnect with who you are, find your focus, and set life goals. Your travel destination is customized to meet your mental, physical, and emotional needs to improve personal health and wellbeing. This is done by incorporating experiences that will open your mind to a different way of thinking, eating and living.

Your Wellness Travel experience could consist of spa treatments, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness activities, and adventures in nature. You decide what works best for your needs.

Haven Travel is a family-owned and operated wellness travel agency that prides itself in designing life-changing experiences since 2009. Our staff are experienced with combining or love of traveling worldwide with the knowledge and experiences gained while making lifelong friends.

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