7 Days, Mediterranean Enchantment On an enchanting holiday, explore Rome’s enduring allure, Tuscan treasures in Florence and Pisa, the lavender fields of Provence, the kingdom of Monaco and the UNESCO masterpieces of Gaudí.
Starting at $2549.00+

7 Days, Mediterranean Island Inspiration Corsica calls to outdoor enthusiasts, Sardinia’s hinterland beckons beachgoers, and your bistro table is ready in Palma, on this journey punctuated by Valencia’s orange tree-lined streets and Barcelona’s architectural wonders.
Starting at $2549.00+

7 Days, Mediterranean Isles Take your palate on a culinary adventure in Sicily and Sardinia, islands renowned for their history and beauty as much as their cuisine; explore Palma’s Gothic cathedral and Ibiza’s beaches and UNESCO Old Town.
Starting at $2949.00+

7 Days, Dreaming of Dalmatia Bask in treasures of the Dalmatian Coast from Diocletian's Palace in Split and the belle–époque villas of Opatija to vivid sunsets over the peninsula in Piran.
Starting at $7049.00+

7 Days, Espana to the Cote d'Azur From Barcelona’s artful treasures – think Gaudi, Picasso, Miro and more – to Valencia’s tree-lined Old Town and Palma de Mallorca’s Santa Maria Gothic Cathedral, embark on a journey to the storied French Riviera.
Starting at $2749.00+

7 Days, Gods & Empires Follow ancient footsteps to the Acropolis, and gaze across Santorini’s iconic blue rooftops, nearly undistinguishable from the sea beyond. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town Valletta, and soak in the Sorrento sunshine.
Starting at $3349.00+

7 Days, Grecian Yachting Gems Discover the hidden treasures of Greece, from the remains of Napoleon's theatre in Kotor to the cascading waterfalls of Nydri and waterfront kefenios of Parga.
Starting at $5949.00+

7 Days, Island Discoveries Verdant islands rise from the sea, ringed by sun-kissed beaches and towering coconut palms. Come snorkel the famous reefs off Grand Turk. Go sailing in St. Barts. Explore The Baths of Virgin Gorda. Relax, and soak up the adventure.
Starting at $2299.00+

7 Days, Adriatic & Aegean Adventure Explore legendary palaces – from the Doges in Venice, Diocletian’s in Split, and the Grand Masters in Rhodes – and discover at Santorini’s dramatic landscape, Mykonos’ cosmopolitan vibe, and Athen’s archaeological treasures.
Starting at $0.00+

7 Days, Aegean Yachting Idylls Trek through time among the archaeological wonders of the Acropolis, through the cypress-studded hills of Corfu and inside Romanesque churches in Kotor.
Starting at $5649.00+